High-temperature vacuum sintering furnace vertical loading

Type FS I - inductive heated

Due to their induction heating, inductive heated high-temperature furnaces are particularly used when large furnace volumes and working temperatures of up to 2500°C or more are needed.

The constant release of energy of the induction-heated graphite susceptor enables the achievement of excellent uniformity of temperature even at temperatures of more than 2500°C.

The higher investment costs for such furnaces in comparison to resistance-heated furnaces are compensated by a longer life cycle of this furnace type. In particular cases, these technically sophisticated furnaces can be conceptualized and optimized in close collaboration with the end-user and can also be adjusted to individual tasks.


  • Working temperature: 2500°C (Option: up to 2800°C)
  • Vacuum: 5 × 10-2 mbar(a)
  • Working gases: Ar / N2 (further types of gases available upon request)
  • Option: elongated heating zones up to 8000 mm
  • Debinding and removal of temporary binders as option for combined processes
  • Option: rapid cooling, insulation opening, gas circulation
  • Special sizes and functions available on request
  • Special-purpose solutions for composite materials (e.g. C/C or C/SiC)
  • Special-purpose solutions for graphite cleaning
Induction Vacuum Sintering Furnace

Induction Vacuum Sintering Furnace

Type: KCE® FS I 750

Standard types FS I

Standard types FS I

Standard types
FS I 750 Ø 920 x 1400 750 500
FS I 1200 850 x 850 x 2400 1200 900

*Specific customizations on request

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