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Hybrid Sintering - a New Trend for Innovative Material Solutions

cfi/Ber. DKG 95 (2018) No. 8

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Exhibitors showcase: FCT Systeme GmbH - Efficient Sintering Equipment for the Production

First publication: "cfi/Ber. DKG 89 (2012) No. 3"

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Reprint from CFI 07-2011: Efficient Sintering Equipment for the Production of Engineering Ceramics

Based on an integrated definition of “efficiency”, this article explains concepts and principles useful for the realization and improvement of high-efficiency sintering equipment. Real industrial applications and plants are cited for further clarification. In addition, a report is given on the most important ongoing developments that will lead to continuing progress in the efficiency of modern sintering technology.

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2010 Hagen Symposium Reports: Improved material properties with short-time sintering

19th Jan, 2011
In this, our final report from the 2010 Hagen Symposium, Dr Georg Schlieper highlights a presentation by Dr Jürgen Hennicke of FCT Systeme GmbH, Rauenstein, Germany, who explained the company's ideas for an innovative short-time sintering processes for nanostructured PM materials and presented the latest generation of FCT's sintering furnaces.

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2010 Hagen Symposium Reports: Aluminium alloys for demanding applications

12th Jan, 2011
In this article, the fifth of our reports from the 2010 Hagen Symposium, Germany, Dr Georg Schlieper highlights a presentation by Klaus Hummert of PLM Powder Light Metals GmbH in Gladbeck, Germany. Hummert discusses how Powder Metallurgy (PM) has found routes to produce special aluminium alloys with exceptionally high strength at elevated temperatures, high wear resistance and a high modulus of elasticity.

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2010 Hagen Symposium Reports: Nanostructured PM Materials

14th Dec, 2010
In this article, the second of our reports from the 2010 Hagen Symposium, Germany, Dr Georg Schlieper reviews Prof Bernd Kieback’s Skaupy Award presentation.

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Short-Time Sintering for Cost-Efficient Production and Material Development

H.U. Kessel, J. Hennicke, T. Kessel, FCT Systeme GmbH
First publication: "cfi/Ber. DKG 87 (2010) No. 10"

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Sintered Materials on the Way to Production by Means of Modern SPS Technologies

Heinz U. Kessel, FCT Systeme GmbH
Erstveröffentlichung: "cfi/Ber. DKG 86 (2009) No. 10"

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Successful Symbiosis of Expertise in Plant Engineering and Materials Technology

Component and technology development as well as services for ceramics and powder metallurgy.
First publication: "cfi/Ber. DKG 86 (2009) No. 7-8";

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"FAST" field assisted sintering technology - an new process for the production of metallic and ceramic sintering materials

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Aspects Concerning the Super-fast Sintering of Powder Metallic and Ceramic Materials

First publication: "Interceram 56 (2007) [3] 164-166";
First publication: "Keramische Zeitschrift 59 (2007) [3] 188-191"

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FAST (SPS) Production Systems for the Powder Metallurgy and Ceramics Industry

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FCT Group: Systematic Growth

The FCT group of companies has had success with niche products that meet the highest technological standards.

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Production Line for Hot Pressing of Large Area Ceramic Components

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