FCT Systeme GmbH offers the following second-hand Sintering Furnace for FAST (SPS):

Second-hand Spark Plasma Sintering Furnce (SPS/FAST) KCE® - FCT H HP D 25-SD


max. temperature:                                                      2200 °C 

Controlled atmosphere:                                             Ar, N2, He, Vakuum

max. dimensions:                                                        Ø 100 mm

max. pressing force:                                                   250 kN

Heating power FAST / SPS power:                            60 kW

Heating power (Inductive):                                        80 kW

Working temperature:                                                RT … 2200°C


The following options are available upon request:

-    using protective gases for the sintering process

      Argon (Ar), Nitrogen (N2), Helium (He), vacuum

-     state-of-the-art control software

      including recipe management and process evaluation via SIEMENS S7, WINCC

-     Thermocouples and pyrometer

      control and monitor the temperature

-      The process itself is fully automatic

       Temperature, press force, vacuum and gas values are controlled.


Price on application.

Please contact Benjamin Luthardt  b.luthardt[at]fct-systeme.de

Subject to prior sale.