Исследовательский проект HPMat

Новые системы материалов для сверхвысокого давления в гидравлических компонентах

Project data

Project management organisation PTJ / WING
Project number 03X3509B
Term 01.07.2006 - 31.12.2009



A significant reduction of emissions and consumption is necessary to meet future emission standards for diesel-engined vehicles in Europe and the USA and to protect the reserves of fossil fuels. Controlling the highest nozzle pressure of 3000 bar and more is a key technology to meet those goals. A further rise in pressure is technically - compared to the State of the Art- not realizable with conventional material solutions (2000 bar, PKW Piezo-Common-Rail-Injector 3rd generation). High-strength, wear-resistant steel-hard-material-compound systems were developed and produced via processes based on technologies working with powder like Powder Injection Moulding (PIM) and Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS, FAST) as well as pre-form-based metal-ceramic composites (metal-matrix-composites (MMC)) infiltrated by high-temperature-squeeze-casting (HTSC). Based on complex microstructural analyses as well as mechanical and tribological tests, the analyzed material variations and the processing methods were evaluated according to their suitability for high-pressure applications. Afterwards, dispersing materials and steel-MMC possess the potential for a better robustness (hardness, wear-resistance) of today´s injection systems.  Furthermore, steel-hard-metal-inlayer composites show sufficient potential for future technologies with ≥ 3000 bar injection pressure.