Research project AeroFurnace

Advancement of high temperature insulation materials on the basis of nanoporous carbon.

Project data

Project management organisation BMWi / PTJ
Project number 03ET1503B
Term 01.09.2017 - 31.08.2020



The main goal of the project is the enhancement of carbon-based insulation materials for elevated temperatures. Lab prototypes synthesized from nanoporous carbon are to be scaled-up to tailored usable materials for a range of different applications. The novel insulation materials for temperatures exceeding 1500 °C should outdo commercial graphite insulations by a factor of 2 to 5 (dependent on the associated operating temperature).The project can be separated into three entities:

1. Optimization of existing material concepts and two novel composite approaches in terms of low final product bulk density, thermal conductivity and good scalability of the associated process steps. Special interest is placed on the industrial-scale feasibility of the production process (e.g. large throughputs, insignificant generation of waste-products) and manufacturability of the novel materials.

2. Formulation of concepts for upscaling and composite synthesis as well as further downstream product enhancement processes.

3. Assembly and assessment of a demonstrator setup to compare the novel nanoporous insulation materials to conventional materials. After evaluating conventional insulation structures regarding their performance, the setup will be equipped with the newly synthesized nanoporous insulation panels to characterize their performance with respect to the reference material(s).