FCT Systeme GmbH
Gewerbepark 16
96528 Frankenblick
Phone: +49 36766/824-0
Fax: +49 36766/824-150
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Phone: +49 36766/824-155
Fax: +49 36766/824-150
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Customer service:
Phone: +49 36766/824-282
Fax: +49 36766/824-25
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How to find the way to Rauenstein

Rauenstein is placed at the south edge of the Thuringian Forrest in the triangle Schweinfurt / Bayreuth / Erfurt resp. Sonneberg / Coburg / Eisfeld.

Please drive motorway A73 in direction to Erfurt coming from the south or in direction to Coburg coming from the north.
Leave this motorway at exit "Eisfeld Süd" or "Eisfeld Nord" and follow the main road B89 in direction to Sonneberg. In Grümpen please turn left to Rauenstein.
Coming from Kronach on the B 89 in direction Sonneberg via Grümpen to Rauenstein.

After entering Rauenstein and 100m after an underpass you will see a building "FCT Ceramics" on the left side. Turn left in front of this building. You will find the entrance of FCT Systeme GmbH in front of this building.

If you will arrive by train, please go to Coburg or Sonneberg where we will pick up you.

For tavelling by plane, we recommend the airport Nuremberg (130 km) or Frankfurt (300 km). 

Former address (GPS): "96528 Effelder-Rauenstein" 

FCT Systeme GmbH, Gewerbepark 16, 96528 Frankenblick OT Rauenstein, View outside


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