Research project CoolSemiKo

Stress-Free Short Time Sintering of Large Parts made of Thermal-Shock Sensitive Materials by Use of Controlled Cooling Technology

Project data

Project management organisation BMBF 
Project number 02PK2185 
Term 01.05.2011 - 31.07.2013



In spite of high heating rates and short dwell time the reduction of cycle time of standard FAST/SPS sintering technology is limited by the cooling step, especially in the case of large components and/or thermal shock sensitive materials. In the frame of the project “CoolSemiko” methods for the energy efficient and fast cooling of FAST/SPS-sintered components made of thermal shock sensitive ceramics without affecting the quality of the components.  Thereto, different approaches were developed. The project results now allow a significantly extended application field of the FAST/SPS technology. Also large-scale sinter bodies of high quality may become efficiently producible. Therewith, the short time sintering technology may break into new markets in the field of ballistic protective material, hard material, wear-resistant materials etc.


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